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Summer class, SUCKS.

Well, it’s because I can’t be with my family and I can’t see my boyfriend. I’ve been with my mom after 3 years for only 1 week. Because they went to gensan for our reunion, which I posted days ago and like what I’ve posted my dad wasn’t there so our family was not complete at that moment. Then, they went back to zamboanga living me in davao since I have review, comprehensive exam and my stupid summer classes. Yeah, it’s quite awful. I mean, it was really awful to know that I’ve been with my mom for only 1 week and we don’t have a complete family portrait. It will be another 2 years before I’ll see my mom again. Probably, if I don’t have summer classes, I will be with them and we can have our complete family portrait. I’m really sad, unhappy, depress and disappointed. Then another concern was, since JP will be having their classes on July for the next school year, we will be having difficulty to see each other. 1st because their summer break will begin on June, their sembreak will be on december and ours will still be the same. Christmas break is the only time that we can see eachother and mind you, we do not see each other everyday when we are in zamboanga because we just can’t. So, tell me summer class sucks, isn’t it?

Aw. Ngayon ko lang to nakita. Hahaha. Thank you for your condolences :)))

calisianadiaries said: Ay pati ako na sad :((((

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Today, April 14. Marks our 38th monthsary. Well, I only forgot our monthsary once but never did it happen again. But I feel he does maybe because every monthsary I greet him first. Sometimes I just joke around telling him that I knew he forgot but he would deny and text me like he was sorry because he just texted me late. I really don’t want to feel that he forgets the 14th of the month.

At exactly 5:25 this afternoon, I texted him my greetings. Usually, every 14th I text him after class because I can’t do it in the morning due to my early class (I’m always running late to this class) and afternoon is the only time to buy load and do unlitext. Haha. Then after 4 mins he replied saying sorry he did not text immediately and said that maybe I thought that he forgot it. Then he said, he needs to study. So I replied “Okie. Study hard :)” then end of conversation. 

Well, it’s not a big deal for me if he needs to study, I understand. What I don’t understand is why would he not text me during his spare time in lunch or even in the morning despite the fact that he can text me anytime since his sim is on billing.. Even a short message just greeting me, that’s all I need. It would have been a happy day for me.

Sorry for this drama guys. 

APRIL 1, 2014

Well, this is not our 1st ever reunion but 1st ever formal reunion. Parang barangay lang eh noh? We celebrated our reunion in General Santos City, Erbina’s hometown. Probably, you’ll ask me where my dad is. Well, he chose to stay in Zamboanga for security reasons. Hahaha. My dad don’t want to leave our house alone since last time something was rubbed in our car which was outside of our house. So there you go.

❝A lot of people misinterprets friendly to flirting.❞

Things I wanna do this summer:

  1. Style and Color my hair
  2. Party until 2 a.m
  3. Go to a concert
  4. Travel
  5. Swim
  6. Have my eyebrows thin
  7. Wear like crazy in school
  8. Be with my friends!
  9. Be with my family!
  10. Live and Laugh all day.

The story behind the Lip Balm

Probably one of the “not so good” decisions I’ve made. A gift check was given to my kuya by his ninang before leaving GenSan.. A gift check worth of 1,000 pesos only for sm and robinsons. So, he though maybe he could buy something in sm department store but later on after going to sm, the sales girl said it was just meant for sm supermarket. Well, to make the long story short my kuya had no choice but to give me the check and told me to buy some stocks for my dorm. And there, I went to the supermarket bought some can goods and stuffs with my classmates computing the amount of how much the items were. After all the computations we ended up to an amount of more than 1,000. So, we went to the cashier but unfortunately, our computation went wrong. All my items worth less than 1,000 which made me panic. Hahaha. Shame shame here. So, I grabbed the nearest thing on the cashier which was a shaver then my classmate told me “Anohin mo yang shave?” Then I said “Oo nga noh, eto na lang (getting the lip balm)” then there you go, I grabbed the lip balm then put it on the cashier because there were a lot of people in the line. And honestly, I don’t put lip balm, I hate them it makes my lips heavy. After that, me and my classmate just laughed then she told me how crazy I am regretting about getting that lip balm.

Comprehensive Exam

For the past few days, I was sleeping with my notebooks, books and other handouts and papers because of my awaiting comprehensive exam. We had 3 days review for 6 subjects although useful, it was awful. The thing is, the passing grade for this comprehensive exam is 70-80/100. And when we fail to comply it, it’s either probation or worse, advised to shift. The thing is, after you exhale all the stress of your major subjects here comes an exam wherein all of the discussed topics will be examined and will be another nightmare for us. Honestly, it was hard, especially when the coverage of the exam is different from what were discussed inside the class. But the worst part of this exam is, every end of the year we must take it. Urrrghh.

I have no fuckin’ Idea how to use my skirts.. And what’s worst? Summer classes are coming, I don’t have much clothes to wear. Sorry for being “BUKI” Hahaha. 

And the best “buki” wear goes to me!!!! Yey.